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DIY Kitchen for children using cardboard boxes

Having cardboard boxes lying around? Be creative and turn them around into kitchen corner for your children! Join me in this DIY journey as I turn 3 cardboard boxes into a mini kitchen for my child! Includes two storage spaces

Kick start a reading habit in your child!

Learn how to kick start a reading habit in your child! Life is about growth, as adults some of us may find a challenge to keep up our reading habits. Today I will be sharing with you 5 practical tips

Productivity & Self Improvement

3 Ways to Maximise Your Time

Wishing you had 48 hours? Well, everyone has 24 hours but why do some seems to be able to achieve more than the rest? Dive into the 3 practical ways to maximize your time today!

5 Ways to Kick Start Your Reading Habit

We all know we should be reading more to enrich our lives but how many of us are actually investing time to build up our knowledge? Here are some tips to help you kick start your reading journey!

Be productive when working from home

I love being at home, simply because it is a time to rest and relax! However during the Covid-19 season, we were called to work from home initially there was a huge struggle however life still needs to go on!